We are a professional designer,manufacturer and distributer dealing with industrial cabinet lock,cam lock,luggage lock,combination lock,laptop lock,vending machine lock,hinge,handle and etc. which specialized in mould making for zinc die-casting and aluminium die-casting,die-casting parts processing,plastic mould making and plastic products processing.

Size:  65mm(L)*56mm(W)*13mm(H)

Function:  It' ll locked when close the door, power cutoff. It unlocks once the power connected(12V).

There' s a square unlock slot for emergency on the lock body and could be unlocked by mechanical key from outside, it' s a simple and convenient operation. No positive and negative design, could be suitable for any door opening directions on the cabinet and drawer.

It could be install on the surface of wall, also could be hidden installation embed into the wall. Apply to locker, mailbox and etc.

Electrical Parameters: Four regular specifications 12V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 24V/0.8A, 24V/3A. It passed one million times in burn-in test, to ensure the coil never burn.

Material & Process:  Galvanized steel shell, 72H NSS resistance.



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